One of the most sophisticated approaches to Delta-8 THC. Enclosed in a brass & glass, ceramic cartridge are our 2 signature distillate types: the Liquid Gold™ & Liquid Diamonds™ collections. Free from any solvents, we ensure that each and every cartridge is exceptional. We’re proud to be the ONLY producer of pure, unflavored cartridges. Capturing the pure essence of the distillate is our motto, with ALL  flavored cartridges containing no more than 1% Cannabis-Derived-Terpenes to ensure a unique profile and flavor, with over 7 strain profiles available.

We focused our selections around the 2 most sought after rare-earth elements: Gold & Diamonds.

Liquid Gold™ Collection

Gold is considered the most important metal. It is soft and composes of different compounds. Similarly, our Liquid Gold™ Distillate consists mainly of Delta-8 THC (About 62%), while the remainder is a healthy blend of cannabinoids: Delta-10-THC, CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN and CBT. These all come together to gift it it’s distinctive amber color and healing energy. Everyone loves gold & this collection offers the best way for people to feel golden throughout the week. Profiles include: Gelato, Granddaddy Purple, Pineapple Express Super Lemon Haze & Natural.

Liquid Diamonds™ Collection

By definition, a Diamond is a solid form of pure carbon, most often colorless. Likewise, our crystal-clear Liquid Diamonds™ Distillate offers only the highest purity concentration of Delta-8 THC (96%) available on the market  the best of the best to the people. The “creme de la creme”, this collection will make you truly understand the meaning of “diamonds are forever.” Profiles include: Pineapple OG X Gelato, Lemon G X Granddaddy Purple.


Pure Distillate


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