Experience Delta-8 THC without limitations. These capsules provide the potency of Delta-8 unlike any other, and the best part is – there’s no smoking involved. Doob® is proud to bring you the highest quality of Delta-8 distillate without any added GMOs or preservatives. Safe, easy to consume and SUPER potent.
One of our highest rated and most popular forms of enjoying Delta-8 THC from our selections – these heavy hitters are a fierce competitor to any high dose medical-cannabis edible out there. The lack of unnecessary sugars and other hard-on-the-stomach ingredients ensure that anyone in the world can enjoy them safely & without hesitation.


With the all new Dabsules Night™, we have re-engineered the original Dabsules™ to include an original blend of CBD Distillate with Delta-8 THC to help ease your nights. The calming, therapeutic effects of CBD, blended in with Delta-8 THC will not just help relax the body and mind, but also nurture the soul, ensuring you wake up refreshed & ready for the day.

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